Rove, a premium taxi club run by JLR. Responsive and reliable drivers make the service a high quality door-to-door experience. Instead of paying for every trip separately, members buy monthly packages of miles that they can use to pay for their trips.


Project Partner: Jaguar Land Rover (JLR)

Team: Leopoldo Tacchini, Mandana Dilmaghani, Mariana Pedrosa and Yuran Kim

Date: April – July 2015, 10 weeks (full – time)


People’s lifestyles and their perception of mobility are changing. Cars are becoming a burden rather than an aid within urban environments, and the number of people possessing a driving licence is declining, consequently, the popularity of taxi services is rising.

However, current taxi services have a weak relationship between passengers and drivers. In addition, taxi services have not done enough to guarantee the safety of their passengers and there is a lack of consistency in terms of the quality of the drivers.

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), the UK’s largest automotive manufacturing business, is transforming its business to realise the full potential of its brands and to deliver profitable results.

JLR have already started to investigate the need for a better taxi service and provided the exploratory idea of a taxi service for passengers who want to be valued and offered a complete door-to-door experience that moves beyond the layer of a transaction, providing them and their loved ones peace of mind. JLR wanted to explore the potential of this door-to-door service and asked us to design in detail, the experience from the moment of purchase to the moment that passengers are delivered safely to their final destination.


The JLR summaries were utilised as the starting point in our research, and desk research was less extensive. We ideated and prototyped our ideas more often and at an earlier stage than normally. As in other projects, we co-designed our concepts together with JLR during workshops, and tested our design with potentials users, before documenting the service in a detailed blueprint and providing a viable deployment plan.


JLR requested that we should answer the question: what elements of the service are critical to reassure and provide safety? Therefore, we decided to test the keys elements of the exploratory idea. We produced a quick mock up on an iPad and went to different upscale areas in London, and introduced women of different ages to our service concept: a premium door-to-door taxi service with female drivers; mixed feedback was received.
Our mock up used during the interviews

We therefore reframed the problem and created the following design direction:

To create a scalable taxi service that offers high end customers a complete door-to-door experience and provides not only responsive integration into a user’s life and consistent quality, but also peace of mind for all stakeholders, both at home and abroad.

We then went to prototype and validate our proposal in different co- creation workshops.

Paper prototypes
Validation workshop with potential users


Based on our design direction and insights we created Rove, a premium taxi club run by JLR for passengers who want to be valued.

Responsive and reliable drivers make the service a high quality door-to-door experience. Instead of paying for every trip separately, members buy monthly packages of miles that they can use to pay for their trips, similar to a phone contract. The Rove mobile app allows members to order cars quickly with minimal interactions. When a car is ordered, the app shows the current miles and the miles required for the journey, as well as the estimated time of arrival.

How does Rove work?

And that’s how the app would look like:

An innovative business model: the mile system

Club members buy separate monthly mile packages, depending on their taxi usage, or can enter a one year contract with monthly mileage allowances. The mile system does not only create convenience for members, whether they are in their home country or abroad, but also encourages loyalty to the service.

To return to the initial insights identified following the early mock testing:

Rather than making the service a simple transaction, Rove creates valuable experience for its members and treats them with the respect they deserve while offering quality they can trust both at home and abroad.

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